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Sep 10,2012

Bringing Facebook, Gtalk styled messaging to Oracle Webcenter Portal Spaces.

If you still have this blog bookmarked – then head over to CFour where I post regularly and check out my latest WebCenter Portal Integration.

If your interested in a trial contact sales at

Here is a quick breakdown of features:
- Does not require beehive, presence or XMMP servers for chat – just an authorised spaces connection
- Authenticates against webcenter and lists your webcenter Connections
- Show User online status
- Can link upto multiple XMPP Servers like the Pidgin Client but within a web browser
- Private Messaging support
- Can create a chat room and collaborate with other users
- Can add users within a private chat room to connect in WebCenter (if they are not using XMPP connection)
- Can be used to pass message update notifications ie Workflow notifications from UCM direct to the user.
- I could also create a desktop application using Adobe AIR as a desktop client tool to also manage these connections.
- Mobile supported messaging as websockets are fully supported on mobile devices
- Chat application does not need to sit on spaces and can be on WebCenter Sites or Site Studio
- Notify users of application updates on WebCenter, CRM, BPM
- Send SMS Text messages to users from BPM

Aug 16,2012

WebCenter Portal & Spaces Boilerplate template and overview to responsive design.

Please fill out the form to recieve an email with link to the Responsive template from Fishbowl Solutions.

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Mar 21,2011

So.. As you can see.. Up to my neck in work haven’t transitioned across to Fishbowl CFour just yet so get you Bunny Inc dosage in..

Also on a side note for all you iphone enthusiasts the latest iphone WebCenter package has been released!
Goto the apple market and download your copy lots of awesome improvements well done CB.. Great work here.

Mar 16,2011

That’s right; Fishbowl Solutions are coming to EMEA!

37a15ceIt’s an exciting time and a lot of changes on the horizon. Firstly Blue Studios:: Oracle focused Sections -  will be moving and migrating across into Fishbowls:: Cfour Oracle Enterprise 2.o blog. I’ll be joining the team of bloggers keeping you up to date with my latest brainwaves and integrated solutions, mostly of what you’ll soon be seeing on a new area of Fishbowls site – “The Labs”; where we’ll be giving you sample code, whitepapers and guides as well as releasing some of our cut-down products for you to have a play with.

With this partnership – I will be bringing over 9 years of experience with Design & Development – including managing and maintaining Oracle E2.0 ECM and WebCenter for clients within Europe and the Middle East.

There’s lots interesting activity at FB one of which is providing mobile solutions – creating both native and cross compatible application for IOS and Andoid and I’ll be jumping into the action drawing up new UI controls and hopefully improving on the out of the box UX.

Development has already begun on the first Oracle Partner WebCenter portal solutions. As we all know Fishbowl heavily use Oracle products internally and use it to maintain and manage their site and digital assests. With the latest release of WebCenter PS3 it looks as if it is time to expand it’s current investment and show off its true potential – allowing it’s partners to login and collaborate and bring true E2.0 to reality; if you manage to make it to the Fishbowl roadshow you’ll see it in action :)

Head over the Fishbowl Solutions to read the official press release.

Mar 9,2011

Hahahaha.. .. You’ve probably seen this video floating about but encase you haven’t here it is..

Some one has a bit too much time on their hands.
If they are investing some money into this.. What other awesome stuff could they be investing in.. :D

Feb 23,2011

The future

Watch this space..

I’ve been reserved with my posts in 2011; mostly because of a busy schedule with life and work.
Next month I get married :) and I’m sure a lot of my readers understand how busy planning can be..

But… there are also more positive changes happening behind the scenes with my career and the future of Blue Studios – unfortunately these have held me back from releasing some major proof of concepts, components and ideas. But don’t worry, the future is looking bright and I expect all this to be coming your way in the following couple of months…

Feb 15,2011

I often follow the apps lab team and every so often check up on what their devs blog on or chuck into git.  Today I just thought I’d check to see what Rich Manalang was upto.. It’s been a couple months now since my last visit because he never really posted that many posts… .. Woh! was I wrong.. :)

So if you’r a designer, javascript, mobile type guy kinda like me then hook him up to your reader.

Feb 15,2011

Just received an email from a colleague; if your into your podcasts go checkout the latest Fusion Middleware Podcasts released end of Jan covering WebCenter.

I finished my latest audio book on the commute to London so time to start downloading and fall asleep listening to the adventure of WebCenter.. . hopefully one of two things will sink in.. ;)

Jan 26,2011

Great Viewlet from John Brunswick to check out on the power of PS3!

Jan 12,2011

drive-3-pp-network-webdav-iconI’ve known about the possibilities of using javascript to interact with webdav for a couple years now but I’ve never played with it..

This weekend I had a brainwave after discussing with a couple colleagues different mobile applications and how we could migrate some of the powerful features of things like Desktop Integration Suite Webdav explorer to a mobile device..

Well… tonight I started up my UCM VM… I accidentally dropped the external hd and corrupted the vm so that took me some time to fix.. sigh.. but anyway I tried it out…
I now can leverage webdav instead of the standard UCM services to interact with content held on the UCM..Pretty sweet.
It’s very basic and have hard coded the settings but as a test I connected to a folder and brought back its contents… :)

I then thought hey this is working in my browser can I port it across to my mobile device and get it to work.. .. .. hmmm

YES!!! it works.. I used Appcelerator it authenticates.. Awesome.

So what next? … Well bed I think.. so so sleepy.

Ok, next steps::

1. Leverage html5 local storage to cache folder structure for offline quick view.
2. HTML 5 Drag Drop file from local machine into a browser javascript folder structure using the new File & DD API. (Not for mobile though)
3. Setup local file system area to copy files to – for offline access accessable via browser and cached folder structure.
4. Setup Checkout/Checkin/download – Native or Alternative/ Sync Files and alert user if files have been updated on UCM to update local copy based on revision or checksum tool.
5. Setup Table MetaData view with dynamic headers.
6. Add search feature.
7. Integrate with Mobile Blackberry Spaces App.

Lets see how cross device compatible I can make this..

Yes, I could use the UCM services and jsonify it but hey who has used webdav via javascript? :)
Actually thinking about it the services would be better in a way as they provide all this functionality and output as json..

But it’s an excuse to try something a little bit different.. And build on the webdav RFC 2518