Bringing Facebook, Gtalk styled messaging to Oracle Webcenter Portal Spaces.

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Here is a quick breakdown of features:
- Does not require beehive, presence or XMMP servers for chat – just an authorised spaces connection
- Authenticates against webcenter and lists your webcenter Connections
- Show User online status
- Can link upto multiple XMPP Servers like the Pidgin Client but within a web browser
- Private Messaging support
- Can create a chat room and collaborate with other users
- Can add users within a private chat room to connect in WebCenter (if they are not using XMPP connection)
- Can be used to pass message update notifications ie Workflow notifications from UCM direct to the user.
- I could also create a desktop application using Adobe AIR as a desktop client tool to also manage these connections.
- Mobile supported messaging as websockets are fully supported on mobile devices
- Chat application does not need to sit on spaces and can be on WebCenter Sites or Site Studio
- Notify users of application updates on WebCenter, CRM, BPM
- Send SMS Text messages to users from BPM