It’s the end of the year and everyone seems to be doing there tax returns and stat analysis.
So here are the Bluestudios stats for last year..

Quick Overview of my monthly visitors..


This is easier to visualise over the daily stats as my weekend stats drop down to around 120 visitors – daily visitors are around 160 mark but have spiked to 300 depending on the post.

In total BlueStudios reached 44,528 visits over the previous year where it only achieved 30,118.

Country breakdown


Breakdown of the top 10 countries::

1. United States – 11,403

2. United Kingdom – 4,545

3. India – 3,763

4. Germany – 1,826

5. Canada – 1,698

6. Australia – 1,652

7. Brazil – 1,263

8. Netherlands – 1,008

9. France – 1,005

10. Spain – 990

Mobile Devices


Not many mobile devices accessed Bluestudios but I haven’t put in the support or time to blog about much on mobile devices. But still interesting to see that there are users accessing the site with a handheld device :)

… ok, if you were curious to know what – Danger Hiptop is – I just found out it’s a T-Mobile Sidekick.. Strange name.

Top Referring websites::
Oracles blog aggregator
Peter Moskovitz Webcenter Blog
Jason Stortz Oracle UCM Blog
Oracle aggregator
We all know of Bex :) – Never met in person though..
My blog gets featured on twitter?! wow.. I don’t tweet.. Maybe I should start..
There are people who tweet about bluestudios.. hmm I bet it is all bad stuff… ;)
I used to be one of the UCM guys helping others in the top 10 list of helpers but this last year I havent had the time and all efforts have been dedicated to Webcenter Spaces
Fishbowls Solutions – US based Oracle consulting company.
These guys are one of the best out there for providing unique and innovative solutions to there clients.. They’ve even helped me out. They also have Billy Cripe leading the way on E2.0.
Adopted into Oracle – I always get so jealous of this team.. They get to do what I consider to be the fun stuff and branch out to create unique innovative apps / tools with a great UI. In the last year most of the blogging has been on mobile devices and I believe these guys are really pushing apps to the limit and I’m sure 2011 will be there year to impress us all.
Not sure how I got featured here – I think through their blogs and people linking back to me.
A great blogger – and one you should follow he always has good advice to give.
Fishbowl Solutions Corporate site
David Roes’ blog – I`m not sure whats happened with David he just seems to have stopped but he used to come out with great ideas and awesome components releasing them before Oracle do – i.e setting media server to using S3 as a data store for UCM. etc go check him out if you haven’t
Hisham Galals blog – Previously an Oracle Consultant now setup on his own but provides useful snippets of info that you may not be aware of.
Andre Almar – Another ECM Blogger interesting articles and often ahead of the rest with access to the beta Oracle software.
I’m not part of this site but I’m getting the hits you may want to check them out and signup they seem to have a lot of Oracle members.
Web Guru like myself – Ian gets stuck into anything and everything a bit like myself keeping up with the latest web technologies.
Aussie based web monkey – always keep an eye on this blog for useful code snippets and ideas.

Top Keywords::

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