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Oct 25,2009


Over the next couple of weeks, I`ll be uploading some screencast tutorials demoing how to setup your UCM environments :)

I`ll be covering the following::

1. A Standard UCM 10gR3 single node/server configuration.
- Howto Upgrade to 10gR35
2. Migrating it to a 2 node contribution – consumption environment.
- Setting up archiver for contribution to consumption replication.
3. expanding the environment to a clustered 2 node Contribution environment.
4. Installing and configuring the inbound refinery / conversion server for pdf conversion.
5. Cloning consumption servers on a VM environment.

The base setup will be Windows Server 2003 running IIS 6 and MSSQL2005.

Keep a lookout :)

Oct 11,2009

I`m back after a super long holiday traveling around Europe :) and by long I mean about 5 weeks off…
You`re all probably wondering what happened to the constant updates, don`t worry they will be flooding back soon with a whole new section dedicated to webcenter!

But I have to say today is a great day to start posting on my blog! Why?> Its the start of Oracle OpenWorld 2009 (Oct 11-15).
For me thats like the start of a new year in the Oracle World; even though I`m unfortunately not attending – yet another event I missed out on :(

Oh well there is always next year :)