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Aug 19,2009

Another blogger hits the scene Kyle Hatlestad – But what makes this even better is that he is an Oracle Official blogger..
So great Tips and guides coming our way from him..

I`ve already read through them and like his idea of contributing fragments.. OOoooh..
even though I feel this could be quite risky in the wrong hands..
I`m sure there will be 101 post asking him question over the following months..
Especially when he posts a guide :)

Blog:: Tarantino top 20 favourite films

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Aug 19,2009

Ok, so above you can hear Tarantino decribe his top 20 films.. :)

Now to go through mine and this isn’t in any particular order but if you haven`t seen any of these go watch them.

1. ScarFace
2. Kill Bill (Collection)
3. Afro Samurai (Collection)
4. Queen of the Damned
5. American Psycho
6. Dusk till Dawn
7. Swordfish
8. Pulp Fiction
9. Natural Born Killers
10. American Gangster
11. Battle Royal (The first one not the sequal)
12. Perfume Story of a murder
13. The Warlords
14. Mongole
15. Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon
16. Batman Begins – The Dark Knight
17. Lost in Translation – The Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou
18. Live Free or Die Harder
19. Pitch Black – Chronicles of Riddick
20. Oceans 11/13

Aug 17,2009


Another site begins its transformation..
This time

Aug 14,2009

Recently I have been having a lot of problems with the optList function and getting it to work within custom components.
The strange thing I found is that the optList function works fine within site studio HSC(X) files and within includes of certain UCM server pages.

After a length discussion with support this is the reason and a solution for getting optLists to work if you are having problems :)

The only way To load the option lists for use by optList is if the service calls loadMetaOptionsLists.
If you look at the service definitions, you will see that this is only called on the pages that are normally going to show option lists.

So why does it work with HSC(X) files?
Because they end up calling the LOAD_DOC_ENVIRONMENT, which puts a call too loadMetaOptionLists.

To see what core services call loadMetaOptionsLists, you can search for that string in all files within the <ucm install dir>/custom/CS10gRxCoreUpdate/core/resources directory.
If your Content Server is not patched, then the search would be against the <ucm install dir>/shared/config/resources.

Aug 6,2009

I know a lot of you out there have been asking and blogging on Digaset Desktop these last couple of months.
And there has been very little news on what has been going on and when the release date will be..
So here are a few notes on Digaset to keep you upto date, we are still alive and working hard to get this rolled out..

We have some good news!!

The component is now fully integrated with the UCM on Server 2003 – MSQL05.
The testing phase has been complete on our Dev server environment.
Unfortunately we only have 2 complete languages available at the moment English and French – more are coming I promise..
Support will be available for other webservers – apache/tomcat – we have tested these and have not found any issues.
The planned release will have the option to use Google wave for internal chat within Digaset Desktop. (Work on this begins in August.)

Now some bad news..

When deploying to another server environment over the weekend we noticed a number of major bugs :(
Don’t worry; the bugs wouldn’t take down the UCM, but there are enough to keep us busy with for another month.
Our planned integration of Google wave has been delayed due to other commitments.
This component wont be free – a lot of you have been emailing in and asking the question – “where can I download this from”?
We have a number of Oracle Partners in the US and Europe; who will be able to demo, train and set you up. (I’m not sure how much training will be needed :) its very user friendly now…)
Our component does not have support as yet for Oracle DB – this is planned for the next release.