Check out some screenshots of the UCM / Digaset Desktop component..
Its a desktop within a browser integrated with the UCM as the file store and conversion engine ;)
Soon to be integrated with Google Gears & Adobe AIR..

Readon for the spy shots!!! ;)

This is the Digaset portal/login page.
It allows you to go directly into the UCM browser virtual desktop environment or to the standard UCM Homepage; there is a link available from the UCM navigation to go directly into the the desktop.

User Account
This is the UCM user profile area, at the moment it is still very basic although it allows you to upload an avatar image of yourself! ;) bring on Enterprise 2.0!

Virtual Desktop Customisation
Customise the virtual desktop from the windows skin to the background, above are some samples.. Customisation can be done on a user or company level..

Start Menu
Where would you be without a start bar?
An avatar is generated when uploaded into your user profile and is displayed to show you who you are logged in as.
Task Lists, Notes and calendars are initially planned for the white area.

File Conversions
Open up assets in PDF or flash format – document flash conversions are currently handled by swftools and require document formats to be uploaded as PDF.
Unfortunately due to browser limitations only 1 preview of a document can be opened up at any time.

Asset Explorer
Just like windows explorer you can navigate through the folder structure of your UCM with a few added benefits – Drag/drop, select multiple folders and documents. Review meta info on selected documents, change display view, view and order by selected meta fields.
Whats even better, is that you don’t have to wait for the page to refresh!
This gives you all the features of the UCM and windows explorer plus more bundled into a intuitive front end that you are used to..

Context Menus
Right click on the screen and you are presented with relative options for you to interact with assets and desktop icons. ie – here we can right click and view properties on a document and a UCM meta information window is displayed.

Multiple Windows
Checkin a document, whilst you review meta information on another document on the same screen.. :) Collapse, expand minify etc all the options. Have multiple folders open for simple drag/drop functionality.