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Oct 29,2008

Ive been looking into a way to show custom dDocTypes, dependant on the users security. Because as we all know; this list in some organisations can get pretty big and stumbled upon this method for restricting option lists dependant on the users access rights.

Unfortunatly it didn`t solve my problem as the dDocType field uses the system database table.
So I wrote a custom component to display my own values modifying the js_register_schema_view resource.


Heres how you can restrict the option list to defined users::

1. Open up Configuration manager from admin applets.
2. Select the ‘Views’ tab.
3. Select the optionList view you need to restrict access to.
4. Select security tab
5. Uncheck ‘Publish view data’
6. Check ‘Use standard document security’
7. Hit ok and select the tables tab
8. Select your option List table
9. Add dSecurityGroup or dDocAccount.

Now just add the security group or account that the user needs access to for the option field to be displayed.

There is one problem though: Do not duplicate option list values!
If you do this and the user has access to both “rows”, then that value will appear twice in the dropdown, despite being the same value.

For example:
ABC | Public
ABC | Private

This will cause “ABC” to appear twice in the dropdown if the user has access to both Public and Private.


Information provided by Stellentpmp from the Oracle Forums ;)

Oct 19,2008

Sorry guys, besides not being able to upload them due to server issues, my external usb freeagent harddrive  fell off my table :’(
And the usb to sata connector, well the usb port was damaged. I spent 3 hours trying to resolder it back on, but in the end gave up and did the next best thing:- went onto ebay and bought a usb – sata housing for the hard drive which Im praying is ok.

I could of plugged the HD it into my pc but I was too lazy.. it would of meant more wasted time from the Oracle UCM Portal component Im working on..
So hopefully this weekend I will be able to get the data back off the HDand post my components if not I`ll cry.. Back to the drawing board.

Heres the cheap housing I went for.

Oct 19,2008

I`v been working hard this weekend on a frontend portal component for the Oracle UCM, with similar features to:

The reason behind it all was because I just wanted to play with jQuery and see if it lived up to its reputation.. I`ve always been a big fan of prototype and scriptaculous, but with the lack of updates from the team I thought it would be best to have a backup framework and play around with it :)

Oracle already have there own portal & webcenter but this cost loadsa cash.. And we all know the UI team at oracle have always been a bit weak (hopefully with the BAE team it will improve ;) ).. and I still think oracle/stellent just get there programmers to work on the interfaces, because it would be a waste of time to employ a UI designer who`d spend time making something look pretty and be intuitive wouldn’t it? They wouldn’t be able to provide training courses if it was intuitive now, would they?

So what have I done..

Well the front end is just about done, we have the normal stuff like expanding menus, drag and droppable module widgets, custom content containers, on the fly re-theming of the site and options to add extra tabs. Maybe this will be the new skin/layout for Oracle 11g… hmmm that would be nice to put on my portfolio :D

So lets see the design…

Its still early days yet guys.. I just thought Id tell you what I was upto over the weekend..

But I can tell you its looking sexy!!
Something Microsoft would be jealous of if they compared it with sharepoint.. lol.

Well I think they would be.

And my thoughts on jQuery

Its nice, I`ve been having fun playing with it.. but there are a few things that really get to me… grrr. It sometimes feels that Java developers have been developing this library..
Anyways.. as an alternative option to prototype Id say this would be a good option, and it is far ahead on its features.. Now I`m stuck deciding to stick with prototype or jump across to the darkside of jquery.. .. ..

blog:: some more downtime..

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Oct 19,2008

Sorry guys, something happened to the nameservers and even though my server was working fine no one could get to the site :(

But its all back up and running now ;)

Oct 16,2008

Its finally out! And my copy should be shipping its way to me :)
Creative Suite 4 has finally been released, I was quite surprised.. I thought it was going to be released early next year but no.. its out now!

Also with the release of the CS4 comes Adobe Flash Player 10[0.12.36] now is this good or bad.. A couple weeks back I read on AjaxianFlash 10 and the bad news for JavaScript interaction. This has caused headaches for a number of large web companies like flicker, who for example use the flash player to allow multiselect and que of file uploads :( and also would of caused me and Landon some headaches with our Digaset application and ajax interactions… To a point we almost considered using a Java applet..

But there is good news!! ;)

Harald Kirschner has jumped on it and has created a FancyUpload for Flash 10.
Check out the source!

Read on to see whats new in Flash 10!
or click here to see top features that Adobe talk about!! :)


Oct 12,2008

Great introduction to writing maintainable javascript by Christian Heilmann over at yahoo.
The video is from the Fronteers conference in Amsterdam.

Some of his ideas are great..
I just wish that Oracle will take Stellents UCM and push it forward and either get rid of the current random javascript functions they have incorporated and create their own library.. Or use YUI fully within their web app :)

ps. I`m not a fan of YUI.. I prefer EXTJS ;)

Oct 4,2008

You may have noticed Bex mention 10g support for the blogs & wiki component or seen the update at  Oracle’s quarterly ECM community seminar,

Well 10g Blogs and Wikis are coming soon!! There was a last minute bug and so the updated components have not been pushed out to a public site just yet.

The will be a patch and OTN download in the next 1-2 weeks!!

Can’t wait to try them out :D

Oct 4,2008

I’v been using prototype and scriptaculous for about 1-2 years now, I’ve even got “Prototype & scriptaculous in action“. But over the last couple of months I’ve been disappointing with the lack of updates :( or news. And with Jquerys new branding and continuous development, I’ve been so close to moving across…

I love the fact that prototype is so light weight and it makes my life so much easier, but it does have a number of small flaws that need to be addressed.. I feel like Im being pushed by the web community to give up on prototype and take that jump onto jquery.. But I`ll be giving prototype another 6 more months and see where it takes me.

Maybe I`ll use PrototypeJS for small JS projects, jQuery for more indepth applications and EXTJS for the motherload of projects where I need everything..

Id love to know what you guys are using and what your thoughts are on these frameworks..

Oct 4,2008

Over the next month or so I will be releasing a list of tiny components, which I’ve developed whilst working with Stellent & the Oracle UCM.
These components will be free!! ;) And will all be defined under the Creative Commons: Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 Unported.

If you do use any of them, then all I ask is that you contribute $5, to buy me a pint down my local pub.

And if you do modify the component – please send me a copy, I`d love to see what you guys have done with them.