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AJAX needs more POWER!!

Nov 29,2007

These days everyone is using and writing more and more AJAX applications. You might think, that this is great! Sites are becoming more intuitive, developers are now moving onto more powerful cleaner frameworks. But the question is; can the browsers really handle it?


New Link…

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Nov 28,2007

If you haven’t noticed, I’ve added “find Steve Win A Car” to my links.

Why? Well… just because I’m jealous :D
He’s been away from the UK for about 7 months now traveling.

Now thats one hell of a holiday..
I don’t think I could go traveling for that long and he left with just a suitcase no friends, no girls just him and a backpack~!
I’m sure I would of gone crazy and spent my budget, all within the first month ;) .
But he seems to be getting on well go check out his travel blog… makes you want to go aswell don`t it..

2 weeks gone already??

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Nov 6,2007

I can`t believe how fast the weeks are flying by..

Progress is going extremely well!
The front end of our main product suite is coming together really nicely.
And… I have to say it does look sexy!

Sorry no spy shots available just yet, maybe when Landon and I launch the alpha test phase. ;)
I’m not sure if Landon has even seen it yet..

Our corporate holding site is on hold for a while, but expect to see it up within the next 3weeks.
The product suite seems to have taken control of my life but I am having loads of fun; even with those annoying browser glitches that pop up and have me scratching my head.

I have put my other companies on hold for a while the website was designed 4 weeks ago, however I’ve had a few server issues that I need to chase up with the server admin.

Thats it for now.